The following steps apply to any of the aesthetic treatments described on this website:

  • It is vital to keep the treatment area clean until healing is complete in order to avoid infections. The healing is complete when the scabs have formed and fallen off or when the peeling effect ends.
  • It is important to avoid sun exposure for at least 2 to 3 months after the procedure. Broad Spectrum Sun Screen must be applied every day on the area treated.
  • Although the likelihood of hyper-pigmentation is low, it cannot be completely eliminated. Hyper-pigmentation is exacerbated by excessive sun exposure, even while using total sunscreen.
  • Be sure to advise your client which antiseptic treatments are suitable to use after the Miracular Plasma Lift treatment.


The use of any flammable and alcohol-based antiseptics are strictly forbidden during the use of Miracular Plasma Lift due to their flammable properties. It is possible for flammable antiseptic to ignite during the treatment. Also, the type of antiseptic used for the after-care has to be fit for that purpose. Some antiseptics are too harsh on the skin and are not suitable as after-care products.

Why is it important to use antiseptics regularly after these treatments? Although the aesthetic treatment may have been carried out correctly, with the treatment area being virtually free from a real likelihood of infection, the area will be subject to atmospheric agents and will come into contact with non-sterile garments during the recovery period. While the client will have to make sure that all unnecessary infection hazards are avoided, some degree of contact with non-sterile objects or garments will be unavoidable. Therefore the treated area should be cleaned periodically with an appropriate antiseptic until the scabs have formed.



After completing the Miracular Plasma Lift treatment remember to tell your clients:

Keep the area clean and avoid infections until the scabs have formed.

If scabs do form do not pick them- simply allow them to fall off naturally

Do not apply makeup at all until the scabbing or peeling effect is complete and ensure all scabs have fallen off by themselves.

Do not apply any band aids or cover the treated areas, as doing so can delay the natural healing process and increase the likelihood of undesired effects and infection.

Avoid sun exposure and tell your clients to wear sunblock on the treated area. This has to be done after any scabs which might have formed and after they have fallen off by themselves. Hyper-pigmentation may occur if sun protection is not applied to the treated area.

Please note that despite the fact that the appropriate sunblock has been worn direct exposure to intense light sources must be avoided in most cases until 3 months after the treatment.


Benzalkonium chloride solutions have been shown to be not only effective, but have proven to lead to the best results if used appropriately. The recommended active ingredient in the antiseptic to be used for these types of aesthetic treatments is Benzalkonium chloride. Antiseptic solutions containing Benzalkonium Chloride are widely available on the market.

The concentrations are usually between 0.17% to 0.2%.  This solution should be used to clean the treated area in the morning, early afternoon and last thing at night before bedtime. No other types of antiseptics should be used. If alcohol-based, or other antiseptics are used then there could be an increased likelihood of undesired effects.

Wash the treated area twice a day, in the morning and before bedtime using the Benzalkonium Chloride solution. Increase the number of washes if necessary. Remember to pat dry without rubbing the area. Use a clean wash cloth or sterile dressing and do not cover the area.


Apply the appropriate soothing product immediately after you have finished the treatment. Please note that the main application of the soothing products is eyelid tightening. This will minimize the perceived downtime by minimizing the swelling.

For all other aesthetic applications of Miracular Plasma Lift, this is not strictly necessary and has not shown to provide any significant benefits. Significant swelling only appears after eyelid tightening, and not after the other aesthetic treatments possible with Miracular Plasma Lift.

For this reason, the use of soothing products should be avoided in all other aesthetic treatments and be only used for eyelid tightening.  (If you have performed skin tightening, do not remove the carbon residues intentionally).

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