Stretch Mark Removal

Stretch Mark Removal

One of the most exciting trends in aesthetics right now is derma pigmentation which removes stretch marks by using an innovative technique which combines the art of tattooing and aesthetics to blend stretch marks in with your skin color, making them effectively invisible.
The aesthetician carries out the treatment by matching the ink to the client’s skin color which creates an optical illusion in which the stretch marks are no longer visible.

It is not micro pigmentation, it is a tattoo, which allows the client to sunbathe normally without altering the color. The process has a tolerable level of pain, even though sensitivity varies depending on patient pain tolerance. Once the topical anesthesia is applied the numbing effect and the duration of it varies from person to person.

Restore Confidence

Feeling good about our appearance is important for our self esteem and the way we feel about ourselves. This new technique which disguises stretch marks can enable your client’s to have a renewed confidence in their appearance. Stretch marks are a minor visual imperfection which can affect people of all sizes and ages.

Up until recently there hasn’t really been an effective treatment for stretch marks. Great results can be seen in as little as ten days and with our professional NB Skin Institute Stretch Mark Removal training you will have the confidence to match the skin colors correctly so your client’s can enjoy renewed confidence.

Can Sun Exposure Affect The Camouflage?

Stretch mark camouflage is a tattoo so after the recommended healing time you can be in contact with the sun normally without risks of color change in the camouflage. It is very important that the patient follows the advice and directions of the certified professional.


Gestating mothers, lactating Mothers, people that has a history of healing problems with keloids, people with immunodeficiency.

Things To Avoid

After the procedure avoid laser treatments in the treated areas. Magnetic resonance can be done only after six months, sun exposure is okay 30 to 40 days after the treatment depending on the skin type and healing time of each patient.

Before The Treatment

Do not expose stretch mark areas to the sun 30 days before the treatment as the skin must be as close to the natural tone as possible to match it with the ink.
Hydrate the skin, using moisturizing creams in the areas to be treated and stay well hydrated.

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